Be Kind This Halloween


Halloween is one of our favorite times of the year. The weather turns cooler, the trees are filled with fall colors, and there’s the excitement of dressing up and trick o’treating. During this period, we love to find creative ways to be kind - to the Earth, to our bodies,  and to those that are less fortunate - all while still having a good time. 

Be kind to the Earth 

It can be fun to try and find Halloween costumes or decorations that is kind to the earth. There’s a wonderful chart called the buyerarchy of needs which is a great way to teach children about sustainable choices. 

Buyerarchy of Needs. Photo credit: Sarah Lazarovic

Buyerarchy of Needs. Photo credit: Sarah Lazarovic


Starting at the bottom - “use what you have” - can lead to a really cool costume. Stuff a pillowcase with grass, attach a label and it’s a bag of tea! Attach string to a clear umbrella and voila - a jellyfish!  There are so many fantastic ideas. If that doesn’t quite work, consider borrowing a costume or, even better, setting up a swap so more people can join in. Looking for a deal? Check out a thrift store. They often have incredible Halloween costumes at a discounts since people only wear them once a year. Up for doing something crafty? Make a costume and get the children to help. It’s a wonderful way to bond and they’ll have more pride in their costume. 

Be kind to your body

The endless supply of candy can make it hard to make healthy choices, but a few tricks can make it easier. Make a game - kids have to pick only one item per house or they get one piece of candy every day to space it out more. Just keep in mind that even the experts say that the important thing is what you eat all year round, not what you consume on any given day. This simple message can help reduce the stress of the day. 

Try to be more active on the day - going door to door is a fantastic way to burn off some energy (and sugar!). Want to do more? A little chalk and an outdoor speaker can turn the sidewalk into a dance floor. Invite trick ‘o treaters to try out their favorite moves at the “monster ball” before they go on their way. 

Be kind to your community

This Halloween, consider helping others. Donate excess candy to Operation Gratitude and show your support for deployed troops and first responders. Last year alone they distributed a record-breaking 533,891 pounds of candy! What a fabulous win-win; reduce excess sugar consumption and support a great cause!

Need other options for candy donation? Try the Ronald McDonald house to help support sick children and their families. Local organizations like homeless shelters or food kitchens may also accept extra candy. Regardless of where it goes, your donation will not only help others, it will serve as a practical lesson on compassion and empathy.

Don’t pack up your lightly used Halloween costumes - give it away instead. Check out the Halloween Helpers. Started by Emma Rose Shapiro when she was just 11 years old, the organization has helped share over 10,000 costumes with kids who would not typically receive them. Looking to get a group of friends together? Consider going to a charity party where they donate all the proceeds. If you can, bring the kids along. We love how the Hyatt Regency Monterey Hotel & Spa has taken this concept to the next level with their Halloween Spooktacular event. There’s something for the whole family with children’s games, a petting zoo, pumpkin patch, face painting, fun prizes, food, and more. Even better, all proceeds from the event are donated to Give Kids the World.

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg. The bottom line is that there are many ways to kind this time of year while still having fun.

Happy Halloween!!