Welcome to Swirl’s blog


Hello from Swirl!

Kids are wonderfully curious and full of adventure and they come with a built-in core of kindness and compassion. At Swirl, we believe in tapping into these traits to craft delightful experiences for them. We love to connect kids with the community through fun projects.

Engaging children is not an easy feat, but we live for that challenge. As the saying goes, creativity loves constraints and we have plenty of those. Our approaches have to be age-appropriate and fun while incorporating elements of education, compassion and kindness. They have to be easy to implement by our partners and connect meaningfully with the community. As a result, we have to use our design expertise to work through many different options to come up with solutions that resonate.

Our explorations are wide ranging and lead us down some fascinating paths as we brainstorm.  Through this blog, we hope to share with you some of the things we find interesting and inspiring. An eclectic mix of topics, these posts are a window into our world – mixing kindness and fun.

We hope you enjoy it!

Madhura Bhat