The Making of Swirl's Logo


The logo is an important element in an organization’s brand and identity. Swirl’s founder wanted a design that would convey our values. The logo also had to align with our work of partnering with brands to craft delightful experiences for children by incorporating elements of kindness, education and local culture through innovative design.  

So, how did we find a logo that works? Given how imaginative children are, we decided to involve them in the process and harness their creativity. Together, we chose a vibrant paint palette for the project, creating a lively vibe.


Playful brush strokes mixed the paint in adventurous, unconventional ways, capturing a sense of serendipity that occurs when communities come together.


The intersectionality of the pieces represented the various fields that the organization has to integrate.


The bright, circular patterns were a perfect symbolism for ripples of impact across kids, their parents, staff, charitable causes and the local community.


With several options to choose from, the final design really spoke to us. It perfectly captures Swirl’s mission of mixing kindness and fun. We couldn’t have asked for a better logo.

Madhura Bhat