Hotel Spotlight: The Ritz Carlton Orlando 


Orlando inspires thoughts of theme parks and family vacations so it is no surprise that hotels in the city cater to children. However, The Ritz Carlton Orlando takes their kids’ experience to another level, combining curiosity, adventure, learning and fun with their Ritz Kids badge program. In fact, we’ve heard young guests enjoy the hotel’s programming so much that some parents have had to drag the kiddos away from the property to go visit the theme parks!

The program starts with a mandatory “Grand Lakes Scavenger Hunt” tapping into the innate curiosity of children and encouraging them to explore the property. Completion of this first challenge is well worth it as kids are rewarded with a Ritz Kids backpack or t-shirt that they can sport for the rest of the adventures. 

These adventures consist of 23 additional challenges that can be completed in any order. The range of activities is broad and exciting including a kayak eco-tour, sunrise safari and speed boat racing. There are also gentler options such as meeting the resort’s chickens which reside in the Ritz Kids garden. It is really a wonderful example of how to combine entertainment with education to connect with children (see this blogpost for more details on the concept of edutainment).

Guests can also take advantage of many family activities through this program such as golfing, bird watching and fishing. As described on the website, here’s how the program works:

Once the child has met the requirements of each specific challenge, they are eligible to collect a “button” for that successfully completed activity:

  • After 12 “buttons,” a child receives a Ritz-Carlton plush lion and certificate

  • After 24 “buttons,” the child becomes “Honorary General Manager for a Day” which includes a customary jacket, nametag, pin, ID, and lunch with the General Manager, Chef, or Hotel Manager

  • 12 of the challenges occur every day, while 12 are exclusive and only awarded seasonally, offering the opportunity to keep the fun going and get little ones excited for their return visit to the resort

  • Of note, the program is open to children ages 4 to 12 

Be sure to check out the Ritz Carlton the next time you’re in Orlando with your family. From learning more about central Florida history and culture to the environmental awareness of the biodiversity in the Everglades, it will expand your children’s horizons while keeping things fun.