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Travel with kindness.


We work with leading hotels around the world to turn family vacations into kindness adventures.

Swirl was inspired by the sense of wonder, compassion and kindness that lies within each child. When fully engaged, children have remarkable abilities and experience tremendous joy. Yet, few brands make the effort to truly connect with children.

For example, travel should be delightful for children. Brands can help by adding a few thoughtful touches that can transform the entire experience. It could be as simple as offering the child an adventure guide to match the welcome materials provided to adults. This small gesture can make a child feel special and included. It may be just the thing to perk up a tired child, making the entire check-in experience smoother.  

As this example demonstrates, catering to children does not have to be complicated, cumbersome or expensive. A little thoughtfulness goes a long way.

Swirl provides end-to-end service, from evaluation to custom design and implementation. Our collaborations delight young guests, provide greater visibility to existing organizations’ corporate responsibility efforts, and help families further connect to the brand. Whether building on an existing kids’ program or creating new programming, all of our services are designed to be low-impact for staff and require minimal overhead.

At Swirl, we are passionate about crafting experiences that delight children and engage them through kindness, empathy and creativity.

Our program designs are kid friendly and staff friendly. Learn more about the   services   we offer to promote kindness for your employees and for your guests.

Our program designs are kid friendly and staff friendly. Learn more about the services we offer to promote kindness for your employees and for your guests.


Meet the team behind swirl

Dedicated to spreading kindness



Madhura Bhat

Madhura's passion is to craft delightful experiences, with exquisite attention to detail to create impact. As an award winning social entrepreneur, she created a nationally recognized fellowship program to provide a first of its kind personal and professional experience in innovation. Prior to this, she spent a decade traveling the world and working with global brands, Fortune 500 companies, UN agencies, and nonprofits to maximize the impact of their investments in corporate social responsibility. She now focuses her energies on leading Swirl's efforts to help brands connect with children through bespoke programs.

Program Manager

Renee Kakareka

Renee grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and is an industrial designer from Philadelphia University. She brings her entrepreneurial product and program management experience to the team. Renee was a Health for America fellow at MedStar Health where she co-created a lifestyle medicine program. She is motivated, through Swirl, to teach kids how to be kinder to our planet, each other, and to themselves.

Graphic Artist

Alexis Brennan

As a kid, Alexis was drawing VHS covers of Disney movies and dreaming of the day she could make illustrating a career. Through postgraduate education in design, she has made her five year old dream a reality. Alexis has worked with a variety of clients using her expertise in color, illustration, and graphic design to make their vision come to life. Alexis brings her passion and experience in children’s books to illustrate kindness and empathy in each of Swirls custom program designs.


Marketing and Communications

Lindsay Ridenour

Co-founder of Compass + Twine
Raised in Tennessee, Lindsay is a University of Tennessee graduate and spent 5 years working as a reporter and news anchor for the ABC and Fox stations in her hometown of Chattanooga. In 2012, she moved to New York City where she fell in love with food and traveling, co-founding Compass + Twine. Lindsay lives in Minneapolis with her husband, daughter and dog, and they travel every chance they get.

Marketing and Communications

Sarah Driggs

Co-founder of Compass + Twine
Sarah grew up in Houston, Texas, and graduated from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, with degrees in economics and engineering science. She spend 10 years in finance, doing Fixed Income Sales & Trading at UBS in New York City, before leaving to pursue her passion in travel. She loves traveling to off-the-beaten path destinations and keeping active in the outdoors!

Strategic Content

Melissa Reckner

Program Manager at Penguin Court
After graduating from the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, Melissa served two terms as an AmeriCorps member in western Pennsylvania where she developed over 17 years of natural resource conservation and restoration. She also has years of experience in environmental education and is currently working in the Laurel Highlands region, engaging the community and promoting native plants. Melissa enjoys exploring the natural world with a sense of wonder.



Are you ready to take your kids programs to the next level or get creative and develop delightful, fun programs for your young guests? We would love to help! Contact us to learn more about our services and schedule a consulting orientation.


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