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Travel engages families with one another and with new cultures. More families are embarking on trips together, however, many brands miss the opportunity to fully connect with their youngest guests. This is where Swirl comes in. We craft exceptional experiences for children and families through innovative design. We design our programs to cater to your guests and staff, supporting your charitable causes and your community.

Swirl co-created a program with the Four Seasons Resort O’ahu at Ko Olina over Easter where kids wrote notes to donate to local charities. Young guests wrote engaged and empathetic messages to local charities delighting their parents.

The reception of the boxes had the representatives of several local charities, overwhelmed with gratitude.

The simple gesture connected the community and the resort, rippling gratitude and empathy to the resort staff and guests.  Resort leadership was proud of the collaboration with Swirl to design and implement a program that touched so many people while requiring limited resources.

Our program at the Four Seasons Resort O’ahu at Ko Olina crystallizes the impact Swirl can have on kids, staff, charitable organizations, and communities around the world.

Travel is an important experience for young guests as families have the opportunity to bond as children have opportunities to learn and be exposed to new cultures. Where many brands miss an opportunity to fully connect with their youngest guests, Swirl’s consultants and programs are here to fill that gap. Our programs delight children, engage staff, and build relationships with the local community.

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